Monday, December 15, 2014

Scan N Cut Digi stamp with an offset outline

Hi Folks

Still learning my Scan N Cut and documenting what I am doing along the way.

Today I am sharing how I am using a digi stamp and then using the Brother Scan N Cut to cut an
outline around my image.

I have a digi stamp on plain card stock orinted out and ran it through the machine.  For this..

1. Load mat (button on the top right of machin)
2. I push scan (there are only two choices pattern or scan)
3. I push direct cut (you have 3 choices that pop onto the screen)
4. The machine scans the image on the mat and shows you what it found.  click ok
5. Select your cutting area. There are arrows on the screen that you can move. (this of this
as cropping your image that is on the paper)
6.  Here you have a choice to cut on the line by clicking ok, or you can click the top circles and do
an offset around the image or the bottom images to do a pattern around them.  I am going to do the outline around my images so I am pushing the top 2 circles.

7. By Clicking on the circles it will take you to the next screen. Click on the plus button until you have the width of offset that you would like.  I would like my outline to be 0.04 you can play around with that depending on how much you would like. Click ok
8.  this brings you back to the last screen click ok again
9.  This screen will say Draw or Cut..  Click cut , and when prompted click Start

Here is an example of a digi stamp with a cut line around the image instead of on the line.  I love how they turned out.  

You can find both of these images at 

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