Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Scan n Cut Amazing! How to do a stamped image with Scan N Cut

Okay, so I haven't posted in awhile..  reason being is because I got a brand new Scan N Cut machine as a gift from a very dear friend.

I have been trying to learn all I can about this machine and how it works.  So far it's pretty amazing!

I have stamped an image on plain card stock and ran it through the machine.  For this..
1. Load mat (button on the top right of machin)
2. I push scan (there are only two choices pattern or scan)
3. I push direct cut (you have 3 choices that pop onto the screen)
4. The machine scans the image on the mat and shows you what it found.  click ok
5. Select your cutting area. There are arrows on the screen that you can move. (this of this
as cropping your image that is on the paper)
6.  Here you have a choice to cut on the line by clicking ok, or you can click the top circles and do
an offset around the image. You could also click the little patterns to make a selected shape around your image instead.  I'm going to cut on the line, so I just click ok
7. The next screen asks you if you would like to draw, or cut?  I click cut and then push the start button when prompted.
8.  Your machine will feed your mat to the proper location and cut your design. YAY!

Here is an example of a stamped image cut this way.  Sorry I didn't take a good photo, but these
are just samples.

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