Thursday, December 18, 2014

Scan N Cut and My Besties

I'm beginning to learn my new Scan n Cut machine I'm sharing what I have been learning along the way.

Today I am sharing a card with a My-Besties image called Christmas Dolly. You can find it at Scrapbook stamp Society. I have shared how I cut this on yesterday's post.

For today I am sharing how to do the snowflakes, the words, and the big white box on the bottom that has the words in it.  These are all patterns that come in your machine.

To use a bulit in pattern that your machine comes with ..

1. Load mat
2. Click Pattern
3. For the Snowflake I clicked on the first icon of the plant and flower, then clicked on the
    first snowflake in the set.
4. Choose a size that you would like for your snowflake.  I chose the smallest size which ended
    up being 1.36 Height, and 1.19 in width.    You can choose any size you like. Click ok
5. click ok on the next screen
6. on the next screen you can say how many you would like.  I needed 6, you can plus or minus
    on this screen, and then click Set
7.  on the next screen you can move your snowflake around on the mat where you would like to
    cut it just by clicking on it with your finger and moving it, or just leave it where it is, and click
8.  Click Cut, and Start
9.  Your image should have cut out perfectly and now you can unload your mat.

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