Friday, January 10, 2014

Old photo

I was going through some old photos today, and ran across my favorite photo of my mom and grandma.  
So, I thought I would share it on my blog today, just in case I ever lose it, I'll have it here.  

My mom is on the left,  that is my gram in the middle, and that is me on the right.   Gram would have hated that I posted this online.  She didn't like this photo, she thought she stood out too much.  I think she looks perfect!  Mom would probably be mad too, so shh, don't tell her. hahhaa

I was so blessed to have wonderful caring women in my life.  


  1. You haven't changed! You look the same!!

  2. Love the new look of your blog Sher and I love the picture. This is definitely a memory to treasure.

  3. Nice picture of ya'll. Love your cards, your so creative.

  4. Beautiful picture of the three of you Love the new look too!!


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