Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bucket List Blog Hop day 2

Today I want to talk about 2 of my bucket list goals in particular.

Donating blood and plasma is one of the things I would really like to do, but I have been scared to do it. They can make medicines from your plasma and save lives did you know that? I didn't know that until recently. I would like to save a life, and this seems like a really easy way and sure way of doing it. Definitely #1 on my bucket list. Have you thought about doing it?

#2 Donating my organs. After I kick the bucket, of course! I had to talk to my family about this, because they were against it. I finally have registered to be an organ donor. I won't need my parts after I am gone, I won't even know it. Why not give the ultimate gift of all, the gift of life. Did you know you can save the lives of 8 people from your organs? It can enhance the lives of 42 others. Imagine that, you will be responsible for saving all of those lives. Saving someone's brother, their sister, their mother, their father, their child.
Take the time to think about it, maybe it isn't for you, or maybe you just haven't thought about it. If it is something you might want to consider, you can look up your local registry online and read more about it.

On to the rest of the hop
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  1. I donate blood every 56 days. I don't have a lot of time to volunteer and not a lot of money to give - so this is what I do to give back. It really isn't that bad. It's a small finger prick and then the actual needle stick and blood donation takes about ten minutes. It is nearly painless.

    Some tips - eat a good protein filled meal before you go. Drink plenty of water. The first time or two that you donate you might feel a bit lightheaded during the donation process - ask the tech to tilt your legs up, this really helps! When you're done - take it easy for a few minutes...drink lots of water or OJ and eat a few cookies.

  2. Sher, thanks for sharing this... I realize that some people don't feel the same as I do about organ donation, but once I am gone, I'm gone... Hanging on to my organs won't do me any good!! Four years ago, my best friend died after complications during a routine surgery... Because she had made the decision to donate her organs and discussed it with her family, many people benefited... I like to think that it's a way for me to still have her around -- knowing that her generosity and kindness has touched another life and made all the difference...

    Proud to be an organ donor,
    Amy :) at

  3. I'm with you Sher! To me it is almost a sin to not share your organs after you are gone..To let them just disintegrate is so sad..I am a donor and have been for years..
    thanks for the statistics!!

  4. Thanks for sharing your Bucket List items. I hate needles and can't bring myself to donate blood, but I am an organ donor.

    I did offer my bone marrow to my dad, but he refused it. I would have done anything to save him, but bone marrow would not have helped at that time.....

    Glad to be in this hop with you!

  5. Love your Bucket a nurse, these items are in such need of... {HUGS}}

  6. Awesome of you to post that! Thanks for sharing!

    Shannon Myiow

  7. Awesome!! Hope lots and lots of people take your advice! I have donated blood and I am a registered organ donor -- would not have it any other way:-)
    jejaeb at cfl dot rr dot com

  8. Thanks for sharing this. I give blood regular and am on the donor list as such a worthwhile cause to be a part of. well done you for doing it too.

  9. Thank you so much for participating in my hop! Your bucket list items are so awesome! and SO out of the box!
    Did you know that you CAN donate bone marrow, a kidney & part of your liver while you are still alive? Of course, you have to be a match to the recipient, usually it's a relative, but it does not HAVE TO be...If you're interested in live organ transplantation, the link you provided should be able to help. Bone Marrow is a common need due to Leukemia and Bone Cancers, IIRC, it can be stored similar to blood and plasma, you can be put on a bone marrow donor registry so that if you match someone in need they can contact you.

    Thank you again for participating in my birthday hop. So sorry it's been so long before I got through to be able to comment and let you know how much I appreciate your participation.


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