Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bucket List Blog Hop 18th and 19th

Welcome to the Bucket List Blog Hop. Are there some accomplishments, goals or places you would like to visit in your lifetime? Do you have them written down or documented some how? We've come up with a hop with things we would like to do in our lifetime. Hope you have fun hopping from blog to blog and get inspired to make your own Bucket List.
I've made a Bucket List Fund since so many things on my list have a cost to them. As you can see I'm just starting the fund. LOL
Thanks for stopping by, please leave a comment and tell me 1 thing you would like to do on your bucket list.
  1. Michelle - <-----Happy Birthday on the 18th
  2. Justina <-----Happy Birthday on the 28th
  3. Anita -
  4. Ashley -
  5. Amy -
  6. Maria -
  7. Tami -
  8. Sher
  9. Gina -
  10. Gill - <-----Happy Anniv on the 11th
  11. Linda T -
  12. Inga -
  13. Corrine-
  14. Lori-
  15. Nancy -
  16. Lisa -
  17. Wendy - <-----Happy Birthday on the 31st
  18. Jamie - <-----Happy Birthday on the 18th


  1. :) This is a great idea Sherry! :)

  2. Clever idea. I've only started my list - visit all the lighthouses in the area. Good luck with your fund.

    vwilson577 at

  3. One thing on my bucket list is to be on a design team

  4. Sher, I have a great big Coke bottle, I think I need to add a a sign. This is a great idea, you can't accomplish anything without money! tfs Tami
    Tambo's Creations

  5. that is a great idea - if it is out in the open, you will remember to put all your spare change in there. Great job!!


    Was nice hopping with you :)

  6. Great idea! Looks like some fun stuff on your list!

  7. Now that's a good idea!

  8. Great idea!! Love it!!
    ♥ Laura ♥

  9. Cute idea!!! Maybe I should start one of

  10. Great idea! I don't really have a bucket list to speak of but the one thing I really want to do before I die is to visit the UK.


  11. Love your bucket list 'saver' and , I'm with You, I need a way to save for most things I want to do:-) Your list is great, though!

  12. I would like to move to Virginia

  13. Love this!!! Great idea for saving those extra dollars and cents!!

    Glad to be in this hop with you!

  14. This is such a NEAT idea, Sher!! :) I sure hope your bank fills up quickly and you get to do MANY of those things!! :)

    Happy to be a follower,
    Amy :) at

  15. such a fabby idea - hope you get lots in it.


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