Thursday, January 26, 2012

Valentine challenge at Crazy About Cricut

This is my Valentine project for Crazy About Cricut. You can find the challenge here at:

I sized my digi (from the size that I wanted it in Inkscape. Then made the size circle I wanted, and outside scalloped circle in Inkscape and cut them on my cricut. I then Printed out the design on a regular piece of paper, once I knew where they would cut, I put my white circle on that paper and ran it through the printer again. I then tied the ribbon around the glass candle holder and held it in place with some small glue dots.


  1. This turned out really super cute! Thanks for linking up at Crazy About Cricut!

  2. Very cute! Pretty image!

  3. I am just learning about Digi' did a wonderful job and such a neat idea! What do you use to color your digi's? Thank you .

  4. You know what would be awesome! If you had an email button on your side bar that says subscribe by email.. I think it is the first gadget that shows up when you go to Design, add a gadget... if you have one I apologize for I can't see it but I would soooo love to have your posts come to my email because I simply just forget sometimes until I see you in a blog hop.. Thank you , I love your work.. I guess that is evident, lol


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