Friday, January 13, 2012

Four Legged Friends Blog Hop Jan 14

Welcome to the Four Legged Friends Blog hop!

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I want to show you my favorite four legged friends. Smooch, Lola, Gizmo and Cookie. I made a quick digital layout to show you each of them playing in the snow. Each of them has such unique personalities. Smooch is grumpy and grumbles just like the daddy of the house. LOL Lola is hyper. Gizmo thinks of nothing but playing, he constantly is having us throw the ball or play with a rope with him. That leaves my little Cookie, she is my little snuggle bug. She is a little lover, and beggar. If someone is eating, she thinks she should be eating too. lol

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  1. Cute layout:) I love your four legged snow Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love your layout...your dogs look so cute!
    jtg0398 at sbcglobal dot net

  3. What a cute layout. Love your doggies.

    vwilson577 at

  4. Cute doggies! Love the layout :)

    phenis2031 at yahoo dot com

  5. My dog is named Cookie, too! Her mom was Sugar so we thought it would be cute. Great LO.

  6. Super Cute Layout! New Follower!

  7. Awesome digi layout of your wonderful pups!! I only have granddogs at this time :-)

  8. Oh My Goodness I love your babies they are adorable the digital layout cute. they look like they are having fun.

  9. Very adorable dogs and cute layout. Nothing compares to the love of a dog, hugz, Kim

  10. This is so fun! It's amazing how unique all of their personalities are isn't it? I have three dogs... One's a grumbler and sounds like a bear. His name fits him PERFECTLY! It's Oso, (Spanish for bear - but I didn't name him from the pound). Then we have Lexi who's adorable but thinks she's small, but is really over 50 lbs. Every time I come out of the room to see her or anytime I wake her up, she has to go pick up a toy and parade around with it. I have to make her drop it b4 she goes outside or we will never see it again. :p Then there's Bella and she's the itty bitty one who is super snuggly. :) Thanks for sharing about your pets and for listening to me ramble on!

    XO ~ Amy Jo (follower)
    amyjrockstar at gmail dot com

  11. Sherry these are fabulous layouts. I love your four legged friends they are so cute in the snow.

    Linda xxx

  12. Don't you just love how different personalities pets are. I have 2 cats and 7 guinea pigs and none are the same.
    Cute Layouts loved meeting your fur babies

  13. Cute doggies! I've never made a digital scrapbook layout before. Yours is so cute that it makes me want to try it out! Thanks for sharing!

    misshoanggg (at)


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