Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy New Year and giveaway

It's about time, a little less than a week until we say goodbye to the old year and welcome 2013!
Time for us to start thinking about a New Year's Resolution too.
I have decided that this year I am going to.... Quit cursing- now that would be a good one.  I have been talking like a trucker lately. tsk tsk tsk, shake my head and wash my mouth out with soap.  I'm 42 years old and can say I wouldn't talk like that in-front of my mother, she would have a cow. hahahaha  Sorry Mom!    Okay so thats a good one to give up.  Last year I gave up soda pop.  It went really well for about 3 months, then I went out to a restaurant and gave in.  Hopefully this year I can do a little better than that.

Do you have any resolutions?  Will you be going out for the New Year?  Let me know, would love to hear.  I will pick a winner Jan. 1st
I will send out a package of Christmas stamps.  Yea yea, I know, Christmas is over, but there will be one next year too.  :)  Get your cards and scrapbook pages done early.  

To welcome the New Year, I made this fun card.

Supplies used:

White cardstock
Black cardstock
Momenta patterned paper
digi stamp by Sherri Baldy from
svg file by Krewella Kreations

Candy giveaway:


  1. My goal for next year is to build a better relationship with my difficult child. She does not want a relationship with me.. :/
    <3 Pam

  2. This New Year I do have one resolution....create more layouts. Thanks Sher for the chance to win! I hope you have a wonderful New Year! ♥

  3. Oh Sher,

    Your Card is so pretty! I love that black & red together! Happy New Year! My resolution this year is to lose weight. I am not joking around this time, I am really gonna do it! When I went to the doctor for my physical, I was pre-diabetic & had high cholesterol, so I have to stop fooling around and lose this weight!

    Hugs & Love,


  4. Hi Sher, Wow, my resolution this year is not for me or my family. It to be there for my friend who has just started her journey with breast cancer. I have started a group at our school where we both work to support her and her family in anyway we can. She is very prideful and rejects allot of our request for support. But I don't take no for an answers.. I lov e her so much and will do what I have too to make her New Year as blessed as it can be.

  5. Love the card and the colors you used. I think I have too many things that I NEED to do for the New Year. I hate to say I am gonna lose weight cuz it never works, but this year I will put in a good effort. I will start cleaning up all my rooms of the crafty supplies all over the place. I really need to down size so that I can start back to scrapbooking some this year. Oh well, I could go on and on. Happy New Year

  6. My New Year's resolution is for myself... to not spend so much time on the computer and more in my studio! I know, good luck with that one, LOL!
    Hugs and have a safe and Happy New Year my dear friend!

  7. I think this year I need to spend less and learn new ways to use what I have. Your card is beautiful! Have a great new year! Your friend, Sarah

  8. Sher that is SO COOL how you did that ...I love your card...and I love the sparkles....XOXO

  9. Hi ya Sher, good to see the bling bling lol just up my ally...mmmm New Year Resolution is a hard one while I am full time carer for my nearly 100 yr old dad....lead a sheltered life lol. Had always thought of others before me, given to others what I really would have liked for myself, and gave my last dollar to the 'needy' then see them wearing the best runners on earth...soooo this coming year it's bugger the rest of the world and it's gonna be all about me drink and be merry coz tomorrow's another day....cheers,

  10. Hi Sher,
    I haven't really made a resolution yet, not sure if I will or not. lol
    I am having New Years at my home, my family will come over and I will be making lots of food (my dad requested tacos this year, so that will be on the menu) and we will play games!
    Hope you have a very Happy New Years!!


  11. Sher that Card is BEAUTIFUL, wish mine would turn out that pretty. Have a Happy and safe New Year, God Bless.

  12. What a fun card! My resolution for 2013 is to gift the "general" cards as I make them. I am accumulating cards I make faster than weight... :-\ ... and some of these are so gosh darn purdy! ;) lol I would like to share the happy feeling I get when I look at a card with others. :) I gave up sodas one year... I lost 85 pounds! Maybe I should do that again?

  13. One of mine is the same as Ema M' send out more of my cards to hopefully put a smile on someones face. I can't "hoard" them forever can I? or can I? Nope...I am going to send more out this year! That is my resolution...which I don't normally make because I break or forget them before the week is out..

  14. Happy Holidays!!!!
    Lol you made me giggle. Good resolution Girl. Mine is to start Driving a Car. That's why i put on hold till Spring some of mine DT's, so i can study.
    You just must to tell me How on this World you made this card sparkle???
    I so love it!!
    Hugs Nat

  15. Very nice card, you are so creative! My resolution is to show an act of kindness or pray for someone each day that I don't know!

  16. Your card is adorable. love the sparkle
    For this years resolution... I am seriously going to try to lose weight, if i fail early, I am going to commit to craft more, I know it is a sacrifice, but I will force myself to craft,lol (no forcing needed,heheheh)

  17. Mine is to get my family eating healthy. And to find someone to become close friend and a plus if they like to craft as well.

  18. I have a few new year resolutions! Drink more water and less Pop and work on getting caught up on my Scrapbooking. Love your Card! Happy New Year to you! :0)
    cindymarshall63 at hotmail dot com

  19. Hi Sher, I'm a new follower. Found you from FB Group: Crafting Blog Events. LOL at your New Year's Resolution. I'am doing the same thing. I wouldn't dare curse in front of my mom and kids. Thanks so much for the fun prize. Please stop by my blog and follow me. Thanks AJ-

  20. Your card is it!! I resolve to try to quit using "awesome" so But, seriously, especially due to my health. issues, I need to work on quitting smoking...cross your fingers and toes. for me...and a prayer would be awesome (oops, just did again, darn it!!).

  21. Well, I just finished writing a short journal about my resolution only to be taken to a page to enter my google acct. info only to lose my rather witty (I thought) entry...grrr! Anyway, I need many prayers and all of my resolve (especially in light of my health. issues) to quit smoking.

  22. Hi Sher beautiful card you have made.

    greetings karin

  23. Love your card! I will have to go check out those digis! My resolution is - well one is not to have another foot surgery in 2013 since I have had three in the last 2 years and all around the holidays - but mostly to eat healthier, create more, and be a healthier, wiser, better me! Hugs!

  24. Love the card and the computer magic you did!!
    We are staying home for NY's eve; last year was the only time we have ventured out and though it was lovely, we have no one to watch our dogs and we love r boys so we will be home with them.
    I am afraid to have resolutions, though I do like the weight loss one that so many mentioned.
    Happy & Healthy New Year to you and your family.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  25. Great Card. My goal for 2013 is to make more cards for my extended family. I want to so more appreciation for my family!


  26. Such a cute card. My New Years resolution is to really get into my craft stash and use things I just had to have and have not seen much use.

  27. Not sure if I left a comment before. My resolution is to get organized with my crafty goodies. Gonna try to lose a few pounds too.. Your New Years card is really nice. Thanks for the opportunity.


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